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See what you can do when you go Elevent

We keep your older data in long-term data storage--revive it at the push of a button. Compare prior year data to comparable time periods to make relevant comparisons.

Year-Over-Year Analysis

Customers who have a reason to make your festival part of their future plans are better in a bazillion ways. Receive the benefit of predictive data and track down missed opportunities.

Wish Lists

Issue single or bundled codes for easy sharing and deferred decision-making.


Move shows to different-sized venues to capture that demand, even after tickets have been sold.

Venue Moves

All the data you want and need is clearly presented and instantaneous--just press a single button. Everything exports in spreadsheet form.

User-friendly Reports

Because we can all use all the help we can get.

Unlimited Users

Never double-sell or oversell anything ever again, even during an on-sale. Ensure you put the right people in the right places.

True Inventory Control

Transfer tickets, passes, ticket packages, or memberships from one customer to another. Grow your audience and track the actual custody of your sold items.


Sell & Use Ticket Packages seamlessly from everywhere--all at once or piecemeal.

Ticket Packages

Exchange tickets for different shows from the box office--a great alternative to refunding.

Ticket Exchanges

Embed Google Analytics or other tracking pixels and track your conversion data.

Third-Party Tracking

Customers who make donations or purchase variably tax-deductible memberships get their tax receipts automatically, right after purchase.

Tax Receipts

Handles load surges, planned and unplanned. Make it through your major on-sale without anyone knowing it's a special day. Scales in the cloud before a moment's notice.

Surge Handling

If your customer's laptop explodes into a fireball in the middle of a complex transaction, fine. They can grab their smartphone and pick up where they left off.

Smarter Sessions

Sell single-stage and multi-stage transactions on the web in the least confusing way possible. Funnel members and ticket package holders into using what they already have in a downright pleasant way.

Smart Web Sales

One shopping cart to buy any and all of the things in a single transaction drastically reduces customer frustration and drives in more revenue. Reservation timers are unique for each item.

Shopping Cart

Determine your own service charges for anything you sell, refunds, exchanges, delivery, and more. You can even make Elevent a no-cost option for your organization.

Service Charges

Aggressive monitoring & re-testing keep the system in check. Role-based user permissions. Manager PINs. Locked-down access points.

Serious Security

Embed multiple item-selling widgets on a single page of your website and watch them track the user's progress and shopping cart like magic.

Self-syncing Embeddables

You won't need a developer to embed what you sell and the shopping cart into your website. Embeddable, smart widgets & buttons ensure the customer experience isn't compromised no matter what they do. You can even distribute little portals of your item sales as plug-ins to partner and promoter websites.

Seamless Integration

In real time, have venue managers see accurate numbers of attendees in each venue, categorized by who is inside.

Scan Counts

One-button examination of sales data as you explore any segmentation of customers or transactions over any period of time

Sales Explorer

Auto-opening Rush or Standby access maximize revenue by double-selling the forfeited tickets from no-shows.

Rush & Standby

Monitor what matters to you right now from anywhere.

Rich Mobile Dashboard

Build your own complex reserved seating sections or entirely reserved venue layouts. Let customers pick exactly where they want to sit at each showtime.

Reserved Seating

Fully-hosted solutions ready in no time. Less setup for your future events.

Quick Start

For customers not-yet-ready to embrace mobile ticketing, quickly scan or validate print-at-home tickets as attendees enter.

Printable eTickets

From accreditation to press & industry showings, empower your VIP customers and internal departments to manage each according to their needs

Press & Sponsors

From email marketing to CRMs, take advantage of Elevent's direct integrations to unite a best-of-breed solution for all.

Powerful Integrations

Make it easy on your customers to view and export a schedule of their upcoming events to their Google or Outlook calendars.

Personal Calendars

Accept all major card brands and international currency in the most customer friendly, secure way possible. Integrated card readers at the box office keep the line moving.

Payment Processing

Without dragging you into a level of security and compliance you'd like to avoid, enable one-click checkout with saved payment options.

One Click Checkout

Elect to have transactions flow directly to you and get access to funds when you need it most.

Next Day Payout

True multi-event, multi-venue management. Clearer reporting, less repetitive setup for your first and future festivals.


Web sales, call center, box office, retail, all born and made for mobile and touchscreen devices. Recapture your abandoned mobile sales.


Instant ticket delivery makes paperless ticketing possible.

Mobile Ticket Delivery

Confer a set of benefits to members everywhere they go. Benefits apply instantly as members enroll or renew. Make member benefits visible to upsell memberships benefit-first.


Enable members to renew at the original price or at a discount, or take care of that for them at their request.

Membership Renewal

Total mobility means staff can work both buy-lines and entry-lines as they assemble, speeding up the queue.


Build & Change all of your holds & allocations for the most complicated combinations of groups over a schedule of events in no time at all.

Inventory Maximizer

One-button event & customer imports make conversion and configuration painless. Auto-assign items to customers as you impor them. Save days of data entry and eliminate mistakes.

Importing Tools

Give ticket package buyers some added flexibility--let them procrastinate and show up to whatever extent you are comfortable with, or tack on unlimited rush access to their ticket allowance.

Hybrid Ticket Packages

First class box office for a retail-caliber walk-up experience on tethered or handheld devices. The Box Office reacts to your returning customers.

High-volume Box Office

Sell & facilitate stored value transactions, be they gift certificates, gift cards, or member account credits. Make it easy for customers to use and reuse their balance online.

Gift Cards

Streamline the customer registration and login process by allowing them to use their pre-existing Facebook account.

Facebook Login

Innovate with the most flexible product ever. Singles or bundles of highly shareable items create entirely new product lines. Let your imagination run wild.


We've been ticketing gurus for some of the largest and most complex events in the world. We'll help you generate ways to improve your operation.

Expert Support

Assemble those exclusive customer groups quickly, be they VIP, friends and family, sponsors, press, artists, staff, and more. Import them en masse or invite them to accept and participate

Exclusive Customer Onboarding

Slide in attractive data and email collection capabilities in the most usable way possible.

Embeddable Surveys & Opt-ins

Like-for-like transaction reporting erases accounting and audit headaches.

Easy Accounting Reconciliation

Easily offer early access to tickets or other items to members or exclusive VIP groups.

Early Purchase Windows

Easily and quickly take in donations for one or more campaigns anywhere you sell things. Unify your donor data and multiply your in-transaction donations.


Auto-applying or activating discounts to promote your events on all channels. Facilitate and track everything from early-bird discounts to hyper-specific social media blasts with all manner of limits and restrictions.


Attractive, accurate screens at the box office and at all venues let attendees know what's available

Digital Signage

Scan, Sell, Monitor, & manage an entire circuit in real time from a handheld device

Day of

Narrow down your customer segments by a nearly unlimited set of criteria, and use that as a basis for complex marketing campaigns, development outreach, or even external systems integration.

Customer Sub-Sub-Segmentation

While a no refund policy is common, things do happen. Have in your back pocket our comprehensive set of tools to respond to any unforeseen event, from partial refunds, flexible ticket cancellation, and expandable packages.

Customer Incident Toolkit

Quickly add and notice notes on certain customers or transactions to share alerts and info as necessary.

Customer & Order Notes

Generate highly-tailored reports without learning a complicated tool or going to data nerd university. Ask for what you want and there it is, up to the minute.

Custom Reports

Elevent is continually adding new features and improvements--we will never fall behind

Constantly Improving

With our straightforward seat plan builder, build and reuse every way you structure each venue, single or multi-section.

Complex Seating Plans

Become a part of the most rapidly growing, active event organizer community. Find patrons, staff, and industry experts here where the pros run their events.


High-speed printing of on-demand or bulk printed tickets on FGL-compatible card stock. We lease Stimares if you don’t have your own.

Card Stock Tickets

Save time and money by having your badges and cards printed by a professional printer, or print badges, cards, and labels in batches or on-demand right from the cloud.

Bulk & On-demand Printing

Exercise heretofore unseen powers to assemble mixed-item collections of tickets, passes, ticket packages, and memberships into the ultimate combo. Tailor singular benefit bunches for high-level sponsors and VIPs.

Bespoke Packages

Our modern, RESTful API returns JSON for easy integration.


Finally be able to comprehend and act from value-driven data. Imagine what you can do when you know the true value of customers, events, products, and promotions.


All seats and items you sell are under your total control. Leave everything open to the public or segment your inventory as you see fit.


During times of heavy traffic, queue your patrons in an informative online waiting area until it's their turn.

Advanced Queueing

Scan every printable item, chip, and screen quickly. Mix & match scanning and live attendee lists. Know how many of whom are inside at all times. Slash your paper usage. Report accurately on exactly who actually attended each show.

Access Control

Clean, detailed overviews of all people, including their order and item purchase histories, attendance history, donor & member status, photo, notes from interactions, and predictive activity.

360° Customer Profiles